Losing my Lush Virginity (Finally!)

I love baths. Meaning I also love bath bombs and soaps and all the things Lush sells. However, since moving up to Melbourne, I don’t get to have baths unless I go back to visit my parents, as the one in my apartment feels like it is going to fall through the floor every time I sit in it. So unfortunately, the only time I have been to Lush before now, has been for my mum.

After finishing up Uni for the semester, I decided to take some annual leave so that I could go spend some time for my family, and since I was going to be down at my parents house for a few days, I thought it was time to finally lose my Lush virginity, and buy a few items to try.

Lush Haul 1

What I bought:
Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb: This smelt quite spicey, and I loved the idea of cinnamon along with Shea Butter and Joboba. This has been on top of my wishlist for ages.
Twilight Bath Bomb: A nice relaxing, bed time bomb. Smells quite musky and sweet.
Bohemian Soap: The lemon smell of this soap pulled my in the moment I smelt it. It also said that it was good to help the creative juices flowing. So I thought this would be great to for showers when I am lacking some inspiration.
Porridge Soap: Well you can pretty much guess what this smells like. Just a nice natural, exfoliating soap to try.
Dream Cream: When I am stressed out, my skins gets very dry, and I had heard about Dream Cream as a vegan option to tattoo aftercare, so I decided to buy a pot and see if it helps my skin at all. When I have used it for a bit longer, I will post a full review.

Phoenix Rising

So, as it was on top of my wishlist, I decided to try the Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb a try first. This looks so pretty as it is a deep purple that melts into a gold glitter colour (pictures do not do it justice). It also has a stick of cinnamon on the top.

Phoenix - Bath

It was so nice to relax and unwind in this bath. The spice smell wasn’t overly strong, but it was there. I absolutely loved it. I cannot wait to try out the others. I will post reviews of course. As far as my first Lush Haul goes, I was really happy with what I got and it wasn’t overly expensive either.

Chelsea xx
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