Jurassic World Review

As someone who has been completely obsessed with dinosaurs since about ten years old, any mention of a new Jurassic Park movie has made me squeal with excitement. The first trailer of Jurassic World only made me all the more excited, and I have been counting down the days until the release date.

Jurassic World definitely lived up to the standards I had in my head. It is easy to see how and why it broke box office records and I cannot speak highly enough about it. Of course I did have a few critiques, but over all I love it. My inner nerd was absolutely squealing with delight and I didn’t want it to end.

For those of you who haven’t seen it and wish to avoid spoilers, stop reading now.

I completely loved Jurassic World. I loved the whole reimagined role of the Velociraptors, and then also making them once again be the predators and not just pets. The concept of the Indominus Rex was fantastic, and the way each DNA that was imbedded in her own to give her abilities just made it even more so. The ending was just beautiful (as in when Indominus was taken down) and it wasn’t at all predictable until the two dinosaurs started to head towards the water.

I do have a few points that annoyed me, such as humidity making Bryce Dallas Howard’s hair going from straight to curly in only one scene (it doesn’t quite work like that). The fact she did everything in her heels doesn’t annoy me at all just her hair – clearly I have funny priorities when it comes to movie mistakes. I also didn’t like the whole inclusion of the romance storyline with Howard and Chris Pratt’s character. I made the contention when I was 8, that every movie had a kiss, and I loved how Jurassic Park did not have this, did not have a romantic storyline and had a minimal family plot line. Jurassic World included all of these things, I didn’t mind the family story line, clearly they needed something to as a basis, but I felt the romance was unnecessary.

Jurassic World was absolutely fantastic, and though I am still questioning how they made a baby dino petting zoo, I was completely amazed and blown away by it. I loved how it left it open for another (the scientist got away – and originally when Jurassic World was just a concept, Spielberg did say another trilogy was in the works). I definitely want to go see it again, and hope there are more to come. 5 out of 5 from this dinosaur fan-girl, who still wants to go to a real Jurassic Park for the record.

Chelsea xx
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