Late night Three Thoughts…

1 – It has been so long since I have sat down and watched my favourite movie. Lion King means the world to me, it was released on VHS in Australia 3 Days after I was born and was thus the first movie I ever owned. Almost 21 years on, it is still my favourite, I can recite every word and it never fails to cheer me up. This week my brain is in so many different places, and I’m just getting upset. Cam (my boyfriend) could tell I wasn’t doing well tonight, I am so exhausted due to work wrecking my body clock, and because of this I wasn’t able to go to a Youtuber meetup today, so he turned off what he was doing and put Lion King on, whilst giving me cuddles, and helping me relax.

2 – Literally all I feel like doing lately is writing. I’ve never been motivated like that with something before. Usually I draw, not write, I’m not even good at writing, but that is all I want to do with my time. I am so interested in it, that I’m signing up for some journalism units at school, I even went out and bought magazines to read… that’s something I have not done for almost three years. Clearly, this blog means so much to me if that’s all I want to do with my time…. and if it’s not writing, it’s photography. As I have been feeling so lost lately (I have a blog post ready to go up about it, will probably be published on Monday) it is so weird to feel such motivation for something I started as an outlet. I have no idea where this is going to go, but this just goes to show how motivated I am to do it. Once uni starts back up again, I am going to aim for two blog posts a week (one public interest and one more personal). I might write more than that when I can, but that is that aim for now. It is almost 1 in the morning, and all I wanted to do was write, so here I am, writing a post and watching Grey’s Anatomy.

3 – I am so incredibly tired right now, it’s ridiculous. I spent my break getting a normal sleeping pattern and now going back to work and working late night shifts and overnights (11pm – 7am) is very tolling. It also doesn’t help that I spend most of the day trying to figure out my units and my rostering – something that SHOULD be my boss’ and university’s job. At Uni, no one knows whether I should be doing a certain unit or not, meaning if I don’t … I have to postpone moving to New Zealand because I will need to complete another unit on campus. My boss on the other hand, hasn’t been rostering me shifts for a management course, so I didn’t even know it had started and apparently I am now three weeks behind. Until my Uni figures out what I am doing, I can’t change my work availabilities, meaning I could be stuck working 11 at night until 7 in the morning, only to start a 4 hour uni class at 9 … what even is management?! Anyway due to me being tired, I like the way I look so have this incredibly candid picture, that is in no way edited.


Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed this little late night rambling, will be doing plenty of personal posts later

Good night all

Chelsea xx

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