Winter Nails

When I was done in my hometown for the week, I let my shopping addiction get the best of me and putting cute little nail polishes at the counter to look at before you are served, is honestly terrible for impulse buyers.
I was instantly taken with the two colours, rain rain go away and caramel cupcake. I thought they were gorgeous pastel colours that were very suited to winter. So due to current season and my two weeks off work (I am not allowed to wear nail polish at work), I picked them up.

To start off with Rimmel 60 Second Super Shine has a relatively thick brush, so it spreads over the nail easily, and also allows the different strokes to blend easily. It does dry incredibly fast so you don’t have to worry so much about knocking your drying nails. And it only takes two coats to achieve a nice smooth cover of the nails. As far as wear goes, this nail polish is one of the better ones. The tops of my nails wore away quickly, but it was smooth and barely noticeable. No chipping occurred until a week after application, and even then, it was minimal.

Caramel Cupcake is a pretty tan colour with a hint of purple/pink. Its light and would easily suit any outfit channelling an autumn vibe from the simple white, black and greys to orange and forest greens.

Rain Rain Go Away is definitely more of the winter colour of the two. It is a grey lavender colour, light and muted and would match any outfit, especially those incorporating grey, blues and purples.

I love these colours and they are perfect for the winter season. I will use them when I can, they are nice to use and very affordable at just $5.95 each.

(Disclaimer: while I do love these colours, they were an impulse buy and I didn’t realise Rimmel wasn’t cruelty free, thus for me I will only use them until they run out, if you do not mind this however, then I would recommend them)

Chelsea xx

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