Baking Cookies…. Life Lately


So last week I went back to University for my second last semester. I have one visual arts unit, a journalism unit and one for game design. All of them seem like they are going to be really fun and positive units, so fingers crossed. I will be doing a post in the next week about organisation for University, though I know many of you in other parts of the world have just finished up the school year. The post I am going to write is about the steps I am going to take to ensure I stay on top of my work load. I have always been a person who leaves everything to last minute, so it is more an experiment than anything else.

So, due to the change in schedule and trying to be organised, I am also going to try and set up a posting schedule. Tuesdays are going to be dedicated especially to writing and filming, so I am going to aim for one video for my Youtube channel and 2-3 blog posts a week. If I can manage to be organised and time efficient, this blog should never go un-updated for months on end. As for the content, I will be aiming to do one public interest post, such as reviews, makeup, fashion etc and then one more personal post such as life updates like this post, things of a bit more personal nature.

For the last week and a half, my boyfriend has been away at his parents, meaning I am left alone with all my musings and to cook for myself (he usually cooks). I have had to be responsible for making meals and making sure I eat in general, I’ve actually done pretty well. Though I have been living on veggies, rice and anything smothered in peanut butter, I have taken a bit more control in my wellbeing and in my life, just like I planned in my post about feeling lost.


Speaking of which, I actually was so surprised about the amount of encouragement and feedback I got from that post. If you read it, commented on it, messaged me about it, then thank you. It means so much to have so much support from you all and I just wanted to tell you how appreciated it all was.

So today I have been baking my first batch of Vegan Choc Chip cookies (I feel sick from the dough) reflecting on the past week and contemplating writing this post, whilst trying to get over a head cold. lovely.


Tv Shows – Scream and Zoo. Scream is my favourite horror movie ever and the fact it has been made into a tv series is really exciting, not sure if I love it yet but I am staying loyal to it.

Music – Echosmith and the Veronicas

Game – Disney Tsum Tsum

So anyway, here I am, about to re-read Paper Towns for the billionth time (it is my favourite book), curled up in my new LDC onesie, writing about my week. Hope you all have a good one and the organisation post will be up soon.

Chelsea xx
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