Another nail in Lime Crime’s coffin?

A few months back, the beautyblogosphere exploded with people boycotting the make-up brand Lime Crime after their failure to notify customers of the website being hacked. Whilst I personally was not affected by this, and didn’t support them at that point of time either, this hurt a lot of people. Loyal customers who thought they were safe to buy makeup, had their personal information stolen, used against them (one girl could no longer pay her school fees), yet Lime Crime and the CEO, Doe Deere, took months to notify people that the site had been hacked.

Lime Crime’s history before this scandal wasn’t overly positive to begin with. Living in Australia, I first bought LC from a secondary website, and though I started off by being completely in love with the products (I got the Chinchilla lipstick and two of the Clueless Witch Velvetines), when I started doing more research into vegan cosmetic brands, I found their history. The main point that got me was the apparent changing of ingredients. The site or packaging ingredient list would include one or two that were questionably vegan, once questioned the ingredient list would change and the comment that sparked it would be removed. Once I saw the list change for myself, I decided I didn’t really want to support a brand that lied to customers, especially those who just wanted to stick to vegan cosmetics.

Then new amazing velvetine colours were announced, I personally decided to give the brand another chance. But mere weeks before “Cashmere” was released and weeks before Christmas, LC pulled out of Australia and NZ. There was no real explanation given, or even a date when their products would once again be sold to Aussies and Kiwis. The real kicker, anyone who responded negatively was blocked from their page, and Aussies’ comments were deleted. This was when I stopped supporting them, as I watched countless comments disappear, and when talking to a girl on Instagram who sent a really annoyed comment about the customer service, found out she had been blocked from the page. It showed LC really didn’t appreciate the loyal customers the way they should.

A few months later, the hacking scandal made many beauty bloggers boycott Lime Crime. Another fellow Melbourne customer, Louna, made a video addressing the issue as she was one of the victims. This video tells of the little effort put in by the company. That was one of the few posts made by beauty youtubers and bloggers explaining their discontinued support for the brand.

One of the letters sent out to customers
One of the letters sent out to customers

And now it seems, another scandal has become yet another nail in Lime Crime’s coffin. A FDA report has gone public, reporting that LC’s Red Velvet Velvetine has been adulterated and misbranded. This report was sent on the 29th of July, addressed to Doe herself, yet Red Velvet has remained on the market. Though there has been no official announcement by Lime Crime on social media, as they say “an announcement isn’t necessary”, they have responded to comments saying “this isn’t a safety issue. It is a simple and straightforward label misprint.” This does seem very honest, though I have noticed a few instagram comments going missing from their latest post.

It seems lies and scandals surround this brand too often to be a coincidence. I have seen many people feeling unsafe about their velvetines, but how would they know it is a “misprint” without going through comments of non-related posts because Lime Crime won’t release an announcement. They do not make a strong case to keep customers during scandals, and their business does not seem to present itself as highly reputable. Whether or not this new scandal causes more people to boycott the brand is uncertain. I, personally, will continue not to support them.

Doe's letter - she really cares for her customers
Doe’s letter – she really cares for her customers

Chelsea xx
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Disclaimer: this post shows my personal experience with Lime Crime, not every fact is available. If you wish to do more research, I highly recommend Louna’s video on youtube, the tumblr page “Oh Dear Doe Deere” and also many other information sites. There must be a reason why Lime Crime does not appear on many “Vegan Cosmetics” lists.

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