Owlcrate Review

Hello, welcome back to my blog – I know it’s been while since my last post and I’m super sorry for that. I had so much going on, I am terrible at time management – plus I wanted to redesign the site and my channel before I got back into things, now that I have, I decided to tell you all about a new love of mine, which is Owlcrate.


Over the last year or so, subscription boxes have been a huge success ,and when I got back into reading at the end last year, I came across one called Owlcrate. Of course anything to do with owls instantly grabs my attention, but when I found out this was a book subscription box, I couldn’t resist.

The Owlcrate box comes out monthly, each month with a different theme, and features a young adult novel that has only been recently published, plus a few other bookish goodies.


The first box I ordered was in January and was themed “MAGIC” which instantly drew me in. It included the book Worlds of Ink and Shadow by Lena Coakley, which focused on the Bronte siblings and their adventures in their own written worlds. It also included a random Harry Potter Funko Pop! (Pop! vinyl, whichever you choose to call it), I got Harry, patronus lipbalm, a quote card from Throne of glass, a paper doll from the featured book, a bookmark and a digital download.

When it comes to books, magic is honestly one of my favourite themes. I love all things fantasy, so this box really got me hooked. I loved the items included, especially the Pop! as I hadn’t yet got any of the Harry Potter ones. The book was also very good. I honestly would have never picked it up in a bookshop, but it really held my attention and I couldn’t stop reading it. At first, I wasn’t really interested but I honestly would give it 4/5 after finishing it.I won’t include any spoilers in this post, but I will be writing book club articles soon.


February’s theme was “SCI-FI ROMANCE”. The featured book was The Love that Split the World by Emily Henry, which I am yet to read. It also included a second book which was the classic The Time Machine by H.G.Wells with a redesigned cover by Rockpaperbooks, as well as a Lunar Chronicles themed tote bag, a Tardis brooch and a code for rockpaperbooks. This box didn’t really do it for me, to be perfectly honest with you, but when you are given the theme each month, it is personal choice as to whether that particular theme for you.


Now finally, the most recent box I have received was last month’s with the theme “WRITER’S BLOCK”. This was another theme I loved the idea of. The book was The Serpent King by Jeff Zentner, another which I am yet to read. The box also included “banned book” socks by OutofPrint, where one socks has censored writing and the other does not, a set of pins by Bookworm Boutique, 642 Things to Write About notebook, and a quill shaped pen. Again, I really liked last month’s box, it perfectly fit the theme of books in general and was great for any bookworm like myself.

The March Box – “WRITER’S BLOCK”

The Box Itself

Each box is priced 29.99 USD + shipping, less if you pick the 3-month or 6-month subscriptions. International shipping is 19.99 USD, so all up it came to roughly 65-70 AUD because our dollar is not doing so well at the moment.

The first month however, I honestly would have paid more. The box was shipped on the 15th and had arrived by the 19th. To me, the warrants a lot of points, because it always sucks for people waiting on the other side of the world waiting for the box, accidentally seeing spoilers on social media. But due to the shipping company raising their prices, Owlcrate went with another company after the January Box, which did unfortunately take a longer time to arrive.

The theme for April is “DYSTOPIA”which I haven’t ordered due to moving. It is almost sold out, but the May box won’t be far behind. Edit: the morning after posting this Owlcrate announced the theme for May will be “STEAMPUNK” (think infernal devices) 

Though I don’t love all the themes they include, you can definitely pick which ones you receive. Just like lootcrate caters to lovers of pop culture, Owlcrate is definitely amazing for lovers of Young Adult fiction, and is probably the cheapest I have found, so it is also a good starter box for any bookworm wanting to delve into the world of sub boxes.

If you would like to sign up you can click here. They have a sample box, which is the December box available to buy for a cheaper price to see if it is for you, otherwise the code NEWMEMBER can often be used to get 10% of your first box.

I will be writing some more posts soon, including book club posts.

Thanks for sticking with me and looking, and happy reading!

Chelsea xx

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Goodies from the March Box

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