Life Lately – Where I’ve Been, Where I’m Now, and Where I’m Going

For the followers that have stuck with me while I was inactive, as well as the new ones, I thought I would give you a life update.

Where I’ve Been

The past 6 months have been completely crazy. I am definitely not an organised person, so during the second semester of University last year, I got completely swamped, especially since I was also trying to complete another course for work, as well as planning to move back to my hometown, and trying to save money.

Once I got back to my hometown, I was still trying to finish off University, as well as working. I was also having a real hard time with mental illness. This really put a strain on any motivation I had for doing things like youtube, this blog, and drawing. As well as putting strain on other aspects of my life such as work and relationships.

Because I had spent so long away from blogging, I wanted to redesign the site before any new content was posted, which delayed updates even further.

I was having such a hard time that my boyfriend decided to pay for me to go to New Zealand (we had planned on moving in February, but had to delay due to money)(also, half my family is in NZ, so he wasn’t just sending me into the unknown). This was a chance for me to go away, work on myself a bit, and break away from everything making me upset and anxious.


So, a month ago, I moved to NZ. Which has been pretty tough, to be perfectly honest. I’ve been pretty isolated as I have left all my friends in Australia, as well as my cat who always stayed with me when I was upset. I am living with my Uncle, who has been keen for me to come over for a long time, he even paid for my ticket over. He works during the week, so there’s no car for me to take to find hiking spots.

As well as being far away from everyone I am close with, I have been going through a break-up. This is probably been one of the hardest things, especially because he is my best friend, and the person I told everything to.

I am still very isolated, as I don’t really have great social skills to go out and meet people. I’ve had to wait for a letter so that I can start the process of applying for jobs, so that maybe this would help.

Where I Am

So that brings me to where I am currently.

I am still a bit lonely, but have set up a space here. I’ve been talking to my friends in Australia quite often, and have even started drawing again. I’ve been able to start feeling motivated about everything, and will be able to start applying for jobs within a few days.


Where I’m Going

Now that I’m starting to feel motivated again, I’ve been able to set some goals.

I will hopefully be able to post on this blog once a week, as well as on my YouTube. I am going to start building a tattoo design portfolio again, and really make an effort with my art (thank you to my friend that’s really been helping with this). And lastly, I am really trying to be a bit healthier. NZ definitely has the upper hand on Australia when it comes to vegetarian/vegan options available.

Anyway, thanks for reading and sticking with me =). My next post should be up within the week.

Love, Chelsea xx

2 thoughts on “Life Lately – Where I’ve Been, Where I’m Now, and Where I’m Going

  1. Oh Chelsea! Sorry you’re going through all of this. I hope the NZ move gives you a new lease on life, just as soon as you take the time to process all you need to. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


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