Hello friends and Happy (belated) New Year!

I am rather excited for this year. Even though I don’t think 2016 was quite as bad as many people were saying (except for celebrity deaths), I am really glad to go into this year and have some amazing plans and goals.

First up being my Youtube channel.
I have really neglected my poor channel, and have always wanted to get back to it, I’m just crappy at time management, and I also realised, not as passionate about my subject matter. I have been creating make-up and lifestyle videos, and every time I came up for an idea for a tutorial, I would wait too long, and there would be many other makeup artists doing the same thing. My main passion in life is art. Drawing, painting, and creating have always been important to me, thus I have decided to dedicate my Youtube channel to that. It also helps me balance a few things, such as being able to film and draw at the same time. I love doing Youtube, and I love art – so for me, they will now be combined. All lifestyle things I want to share will be on this blog.

My next plan for the year is to figure out what I want to do for the next few years.
If you have read any of my other posts, you know that at the end of 2015/start of 2016, I wasn’t doing too well mentally. So, I left my job and my home, and moved to a new country. Whilst I do get lonely and homesick over here, it really was the best thing for me. I am a much more positive person, I graduated University (finally!), and I also rekindled my love for art. I really hope to continue this personal growth this year, but at the present point in time, I’m honestly feeling a little lost at what to do. I don’t know whether to stay here, or move back to my beloved Melbourne. I don’t know whether to pursue my career, or to focus on traveling. Either way, I really hope to figure out a few things.

And finally, my travel plans!!!
I’ve been travelling since I was 18 months old, so it has always been something that I wanted to do, I’ve always wanted to see the world. This year, I would like to see a bit more of New Zealand, especially while I still live here. I went down to visit my Aunt and Uncle in Queenstown over Christmas, and even though I have seen Lord of the Rings a million and one times, I was not prepared for how beautiful it was. It’s time to get out of my house, and experience this beautiful country. I also want to hike Machu Picchu, again another thing I’ve always wanted to do, but this year I will. And seeing as my best friend decided to leave me and move to England, I guess I should probably go see her (=P love you Jess).

When this post goes public, I will be in visiting my brother for two days in Aus. He has no idea I’m coming, and it will be his 18th Birthday today. Happy Birthday Boo!!

Can’t wait to write more posts this year!
Hope 2017 treats you well, and brings you the new beginnings!

Love, Chelsea xx

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