Thought of the Day; Being the Change

There are times that I honestly start wondering what good my little good does for the world. I stopped eating animals, I try my best to be as eco-friendly as possible,  kind to strangers, give to charity, etc. But when I’m down, I start to wonder how much this will really change anything. I choose not to watch or read the news, because it honestly just makes me upset. I don’t understand how the world can be so mixed up.

Recently, I have started watching Girl Meets World ( yes, I like cheesy TV shows),and in tonight’s episode, Riley (the 15-year-old protagonist) questions why do good things if the world is evil. So pretty much the same question I’ve been asking. There’s no really simple answer, and maybe the good we do won’t make any great effect on the world. There will still be wars, there will still be animals going extinct and natural resources destroyed. But if the good you do just makes a difference for one person or animal, isn’t that worth it? I think it is. 

It is this fact that I remind myself when I start feeling down and questioning things. That smile or compliment you give to a stranger that could absolutely make their day, if you choose not to eat meat then the lesser demand in the meat industry is saving so many animals per day, and that small amount of change that you put into a donation box actually does help people. 

I know this is just a small post, but I think this is an important fact to keep in mind, even if you don’t think your actions will help for the better, every small good helps change the world. 

Chelsea x 

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